Sixto Rodriguez, “Searching for Sugarman”

I’m so glad I watched this one.

There are times when we watch a film and we remember it for life, this is going to be one of them. This documentary is going to be a classic. I’m so glad they found him. Malik Benjelloul shot this documentary with IPHONE 4!

I was chancing upon facebook and I saw this post about this documentary, I googled it and i was like wow cool, it’s about a search for a man in the rock and roll scene, so I went to youtube to search for the full length movie. I tend to have the habit of looking at the comments before watching the film and I think that actually contributed to my overall experience and yes I am that disgustingly easily influence. To my surprise all the comments were praising about the documentary, and they thank the uploader, they thank the director, they even thank god for them to actually chance upon this film! I knew at that point, I need to watch this NOW even though it’s already half past 3 in the morning.

I get emotional writing about this… This humble guy that I wouldn’t mind calling him Sir Sixto Rodriguez.

Who is he? He is just like any of us, someone that is trying to work our ass off to make ends meet, he is the working class, he is passionate about music, he is skillful with his guitar, he writes awesome lyrics (serious), basically he is a reflection of life and humanity.

I don’t think lucky could be use to describe his success, because he deserves it. Have you heard the saying that “God is time”? It’s right, Rodriguez happened at the right time when South Africa needed him the most and he became “bigger than Elvis” without him knowing till years later.

Growing up in this century full of cynics, I did try to think if this is overrated, gimmicky, or try to find reasons for his overly humble personality. But I failed… This guy is REAL and just like his music he educated us on how to live life and how to survive. I am contented to know that people like him exist.

This is a documentary about L O V E.
The journey of people finding the man behind this shades

“… We grew up learning to cheer on the underdog
because we see ourselves in them.” – Shane Koyczan’s “To This Day”

Lyrics to I Think of You- Sixto Rodriguez

Just a song we shared, I’ll hear
Brings memories back when you were here
Of your smiles, your easy laughter
Of your kiss, those moments afterI think of you
And think of you
And think of you

Of the dreams we dreamt together
Of the love we vowed would never
Melt like snowflakes in the sun
My days now end as they begun:

With thoughts of you
And I think of you
And think of you

Down the streets I walked with you
Seeing others doing things we do

Now these thoughts are haunting me
Of how complete I used to be
And in these times that we’re apart
I’ll hear this song that breaks my heart

And think of you
And I think of you
And think of you
And think of you
And I do


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