Ola! I’m a dance artist residing in Singapore. Here is my web portal where I’ll be blogging about my dance projects and anything that I care to blog about.

You will see that I’ve dedicated a tab to improvisations. I am very interested in improvisational techniques and practices. Improvisations has helped me a lot as a choreographer and a dancer. It’s my practice to explore the possibilities of my body and a way for me to be in sync with my body expressions. I think to improvise is to celebrate our present existence! Under the tab you’ll be able to find out more about my explorations and research:)
You could also find my other dance related reflections under “on dans” and miscellaneous stuffs under “Musings”. I’ve also attached my CV on this site for anyone who likes to know more about me.

Go ahead and browse around!

Leave a comment or two or feel free to contact me @ wiingliu@me.com if you’re interested  what I’m doing 🙂

Have a terrific day ahead! 😀

Love, Wiing