The great waves of Kanagawa Ride the waves like we’re kings, One day it will bring us safely back to shore where we find peace.

Singapore is a city, where change is the only constant. With the constant need for development, our little city evolves overnight Collapsing older buildings with newer ones And venturing in to the sea for bigger grounds A nation built upon intangible remnants of memories of what used to be tangible objects I see Wheelock properties […]

I made the promise to update this wordpress. But I’m gone for a long time in Penang performing for Georgetown festival. Give me some time to have a holiday and I promise I’ll be back with updates about GTF and my holidays :)


Recently I have been studying psychology and I am also thinking of how to make dance more relatable (like the more direct art forms- films, music and visuals). It makes me wonder to what extend of abstraction does the brain understands? (Neglecting the fact of the amount of artistic knowledge we have). I want to […]

Sensory Homunculus

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been pretty busy lately trying to catch up with my psyc lectures (Yes, psyc not PSY) as I have an upcoming exam next week. :S Anyway a few things I want to share, this is just going to be a very brief rant. So just a list of […]


Waves – Wiing Liu The waves Came crashing Instead of calm and serenity It’s filled with horror and emotions They got bigger and I started to run It gushed through the city and eventually flooded the island drowning us one by one I climbed up the tree to avoid the water as though they were […]


Eternity- Wiing Liu We move lightly in day and night With fast shifting steps and slow elegance We fly past problems and exist in a time where there’s nothing but beauty Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder You look at me and whisper, “I wish I’m able to have you for my whole […]


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